Instant Approval Credit Cards

Instant! Or check your mailbox in a couple of weeks. Banks call it “instant decision“, but you are still stuck waiting for the card in the mail. After it arrives you still have to call from your home phone and give the last four digits of your Social Security Number to activate the card.

Most major retailers who want more credit customers will offer instant credit at the store. They will entice you into filling out an instant application with the offer of 10% off on a big ticket item. Just because you fill out the application does not mean you will be approved. They can run credit checks immediately and rescind the offer just as fast if your credit rating comes back to low. If you are approved and want to buy the item, make sure you understand their finance charges. Department stores charge a very high rate. Having to many Department Store credit cards can also hinder your credit score. Pay off the balance as soon as you can. If you have trouble paying the balance, the finance charges can add up faster than you think.

There are many different features to instant credit cards. Some offer a bonus if you use direct deposit and some even put a time limit on that offer. Free bill paying and check writing, and no activation fee are also popular. Use your card in any Visa or Master Card terminal depending on which one you have.. Get cash at ATM’s. But beware, this is expensive and usually at a higher rate then your normal rate. You also have to pay off cash advances first. Which means your monthly payment is rated at the higher interest rate until you pay off the cash advance. The latest gimmick is getting 1% cash back for gas purchases, but you must use the products they want you to use. You can also get alerts on your e-mail or phone as to transactions or your balance. Some will even offer a free Savings account and offer a better interest rate then the bank. Some cards even offer a small part of your purchases goes to a charity. All these features are there to get your attention and lure you into applying for their card and not some other card.

Know your credit score before applying for any credit card. Your FICO score is very important. If your score is not very good, do not apply for a lot of instant credit cards as this can also lower your score.

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