Get a Credit Card With No Annual Fees Today

If you have great credit, you can easily obtain a credit card with zero annual fees. Even in this day and age, with the great strain on the world’s economy, there are plenty of credit card companies out there offering fantastic interest rates, many of which have no annual fees or membership costs. Before deciding on which credit card is right for you, there are several different things to take into consideration.

An important thing to take into consideration are the introductory offers that many credit companies offer with their card to lure new customers in. Cards from companies like Orchard Bank tend to offer “zero percent” introductory APR, but as soon as the introductory period is through, you will be slapped with a sub-prime interest rate and a large membership fee. It is best to stay away from these companies. However, there are many credit card companies which offer a stellar intro package and once it expires, they will see to it that you get a rate that is right for you.

One of the best zero interest cards on the market today comes from Chase Bank. They offer the “Chase Freedom” Visa card, which comes with a zero percent APR introductory rate, great rewards, and no annual fees ever. Users of the Chase Freedom Visa can enjoy 1 percent cash back on all of their qualifying purchases and an astounding $100.00 bonus cash back if the user makes $500.00 worth of purchases within their first three months of activation.

Bank of America also offers a great incentive for their credit card. Also sporting no annual fees, the BankAmericard Visa offers 5 percent cash back on qualifying gas and grocery purchases. Once the zero percent introductory APR offer expires, the BankAmericard Visa packs a punch with locked in interest rates as low as 12.99%. Also included with this phenomenal credit card package is the ability to make unlimited balance transfers without penalty.

Finally, the Citi Diamond Preferred Mastercard beats the competition with a $0 liability clause on any unauthorized purchases, zero annual fees, and the lowest advertised rate out of any of the other aforementioned cards at 11.99%. While the introduction package leaves a little to be desired, only offering zero percent interest on balance transfers for up to 21 months, it still ends up being the best offer in the long run.

There are plenty of low interest, zero annual fee credit cards on the market today. While some of these offers may be tougher to qualify for than they once were, with good credit and a strong sense of financial responsibility, it is still entirely possible to secure a great credit card with an excellent benefits package.

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