Backing Up Financial Information

Backing up your financial data online is always a bit scary. First of all you don’t know how well this works and if there are some transmission issues or flaws. 

Quicken has launched a pretty cool online backup solution, which uses the same encryption as bankds and larger financial institutions use to protect their clients.

The backup solution doesn’t safe your Quicken system files, but your financial information. In case you lose your Quicken copy, b/c of your computer dieing (e.g. your harddrive dies) or because of other unexpected reasons.

What’s great about the backup service is the fact that Quicken stores it redundently on different machines or the cloud. This mean that even in the worst case where your computer dies and Quickens server go down, you still will have an opportunity to retrieve the data. 

The service of Quicken starts at $9.99/month and goes up to $49.99/month depending on usage of data. For most people the $9.99 data plan should do it.

As another option, but less secure is, which offer 2.5 GB for free, but encryption is not the same as if you use quicken. Also Google Drive, and Microsoft Skydrive are in the space. However, with all these services you would smart to buy an additional encryption package such as

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